Self Serve Car Wash Bays

Nip's provides you with top of the line tools and products to keep your vehicle clean.  There are easy to understand instructions, and every step is labeled for your convenience.  We accept cash, Apple Pay and credit/debit cards.

Includes:     Prices $2 per 4 minutes

Automatic Car Wash

The next best thing to a hand wash!  Our top of the line soft touch brushes and soaps will have your car looking great.

Ultimate Wash -    $15 per wash/$33 Platinum Monthly Membership


Premium Wash - $14 per wash/$25 Gold Monthly Membership


Deluxe Wash -  $13 per wash


Basic Wash - $11 per wash/$18 Silver Monthly Membership


After You Wash

Vacuum/Air Freshener - ($2 per 4 minutes - or included with your Membership)

Vending Machine -